Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Lawyer, Doctors, Foster Parenting...

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Anonymous said...

How do you take Lupron? Is it a pill?

Ashley said...

I started lupron this past Friday. The first day my right leg just felt like it was alseep. My 2nd dose, my entire left side went tingly and numb. It was like that side of my body had fallen asleep. My first thought was of course stroke related. It was terrifying - they took me off it immediately. My RE told me they had never seen it before. I've just found your blog and haven't seen it all yet. Did they determine why it caused the stroke? I pray you'll adopt your preciousr child, I know the pain of infertility is almost unbearable.

Dream Pregnancy said...


The great Doctors at UNC contributed my stroke to Lupron. They stated that the timing of the injections coincided with the stroke symptoms and eventual stroke. I've been taking birth control for a few years so they ruled that out as a cause.

There are always other options. You will have a child someday. Trust me, I am living proof.

Good Luck!!