Thursday, October 8, 2009

Would I let her do it again?


It would have to be over my dead body (don't get any ideas honey). There is no way in the world I would let that happen again. Yes, I want my own child too but not at the risk of losing my Wife.

I stayed home from work on Monday with our 5 year old. She was running a high fever. Around 8am, we rented the Hannah Montana movie from pay-per-view. We stayed on the couch under the covers and watched it 4 times in a row. I honestly believe I've lost about 15% of my brain cells while watching that movie. It gets November we are going to a Wiggles concert. Hmmm...I used to drive to New York to watch the Giants play in November. Now I watch Hannah Montana and rock out with the Wiggles. I swear if you met us, you would never realize our girls were adopted.


mrs_m said...

I'm really touched by your story! I've also been through a miscarriage and now have been having trouble becoming pregnant. (trying for last three years now).

Have you ever tried alternative treatments? I am currently seeing Jules Williams, a leading intuitve counsellor, who uses a range of emotional clearing techniques and subconscious reprogramming exercises to achieve the best possible chance of increasing fertility.

He has just brought out an app - maybe its worth you checking it out. I really want to share my experience with the world.. just like you have.

Fingers crossed I now soon become pregnant and I wish you all the best.

My husband like you is extremely worried about getting IVF.